Day 17 of 365 – Lazy Rainy Day

I love this morning because I get to cuddle up with my puppy dogs!


I love my boys ❤️


Day 16 of 365 (Well… sort of)

So, we had a bit of a scare this week. My nosey beagle and my frazzled brain caused us to have an encounter with rat poison. NOT GOOD! I was rushing and totally forgot that there is a dish of rat poison sitting by the refrigerator. Mind you, I already have to keep Sparky on a leash at this house, but when I was rushing to gather up some things and head out for the day, I had a big-time brain fart. Within seconds I heard the beagle’s mouth in the dish and immediately pulled every last bit of pellets out. I immediately called the vet and was instructed to give him 8 CCs of hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up. In the next 10 minutes he pooped twice and then out came everything in his little tummy. I poked through looking for any trace of poison, it didn’t look like he had any inside him. The vet said we caught it early enough and that he should be fine, but to keep an eye on him.

So, that was on Monday and I am still on pins and needles. I just hate to even leave his side as I want to make sure he really is ok. He has been acting like his normal self (stealing laundry, running circles around the house, and biting his brother). He is eating like normal and everything that is coming out of him seems normal.

We have gone through such a wide range of emotions. The first was complete and total fear. We feared that we might lose our baby. This little dog has become such an important part of our lives and there is no way to imagine how it would look without him. The second emotion was anger. I was angry at myself for not paying 200% attention to this very nosey beagle who gets into EVERYTHING! And third, we so sad thinking about him getting sick, suffering or even worse. We both realized just how big a hold this beagle has taken of our hearts. He is ours, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Day 15 of 365 – Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare. Sparky loves it! He has been there twice now and the whole family benefits! He crashes in the car and sleeps the night away. We found the place based on a recommendation from our trainer. They have planned events each day like a hike or arts and crafts (we will attend daycare on one of these days and report back what Sparky actually created!). They also have spa day and birthday pawties!


When Sparky got picked up last week the girls said that he had made a lot of girlfriends. I just shake my head!

Day 14 of 365 – “Agh-Agh”

So, puppy school week 2 was a repeat lesson of week 1. The other puppy was absent during week 1 so we had to repeat the same commands. He is now up to 50 seconds of “watch me”! We did get about 5 minutes training on loose-leash training. Sparky needs much more than 5 minutes to walk loosely!

So we came home and for the past week we’ve been “loosely” walking. When I say “loosely”, imagine Sparky pulling me down the road, across the street, into the woods… All while I’m wearing a glove with grips to avoid my hand being torn and cut up from the leash! So, we are taking fewer walks until I get some special harness or something!!

Since this is a positive reinforcement program our trainer said to tell Sparky “Agh-Agh” when he does wrong. I’ve said it calmly, sternly, while laughing and screamed it. He still steals laundry and rags and blankets. And I still say “Agh-Agh”. I’m still looking to find out how to get him to stop being bad in the first place!

Until then I will trust this lady and keep hoping for a day when Spark will not be a thief, tear my arm off and keep his crate dry when I go to work!

Day 13 of 365 – Puppy School and High Hopes


At this rate I might need 3 years to blog 365 days of our life together! But, each day that passes proves to be an adventure – blog or not!

Sparky began Puppy School last week. I wish I’d been able to begin sooner but thankful we are finally enrolled. We are taking a positive reinforcement class through PetSmart. This week we worked on “watch me” and “sit” with a nonverbal cue. Sparky was super excited and although he was alone last week we are looking forward to his classmate, a 7month old Great Dane, joining him this week!!



Today, we all took a good walk through the woods. The boys loved it and now sparky is passed out. We’ve walked every day this week and it seems to be helping. He’s a little calmer and occasionally listens better (when his stubborn butt feels like it!). The walks also help me at the end of the day to unwind a little and then the evenings are not totally consumed by me yelling at my overly hyper puppy 🙂

We are a work in progress, Sparky Anderson, but we are a team worth working for ♥